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2015-05-21 / / Vesta has no moons – is it unlucky or did it eat them?
The second-heaviest asteroid in the solar system has no orbiting companions, even though hundreds of smaller asteroids do. Where did they go?
2015-05-08 / / Rosetta's real revolution is right here on Earth
From heart surgery breakthroughs to robotic sniffers and bedbug detectors, space tech spin-offs from the mission have a real world purpose
2015-05-07 / / Rosetta's wrong water could be right after all
Comet 67P's water isn't like Earth's – it's interstellar stuff, from the same mould as the pristine material that made the solar system
2015-04-30 / / Land ho: NASA spacecraft may have seen polar ice cap on Pluto
NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is 98 per cent of the way to Pluto, and it's getting better pictures than Hubble
2015-04-27 / / That's no moon! Spacecraft mistaken for new natural satellite
For 13 hours today, astronomers thought Earth had gained a new, temporary moon – but it turned out to be the Gaia space telescope
2015-04-14 / / Philae's sensors show comet 67P has almost no magnetic field
Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko surprisingly has a negligible magnetic field, which has implications for how planets formed