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2014-12-18 / / #Rosettawatch: first snaps of Philae's arrival on 67P
This first photo by ESA's Philae lander after its touchdown on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko was a warning sign that things hadn't gone to plan
2014-12-17 / / #RosettaWatch: Comet lander could wake up next year
The Philae lander is getting enough sunlight to keep warm, team members say, and the Rosetta spacecraft may have already taken pictures of its landing spot
2014-12-17 / / Star's flying visit could fling comets at Earth
It might not happen for a quarter of a million years, but a nearby star coming closer to the sun could send planetary remnants hurtling to Earth
2014-12-16 / / Asteroid soil could fertilise farms in space
We can now grow plants in microgravity – and crops grown in asteroid soil could sustain vast human populations off-planet
2014-12-11 / / Ponds or pounding are both possible origins for life
How did life begin? The finding of unearthly water around comet 67P and a simulation of how meteorite impacts could forge amino acids hint at rival visions
2014-12-10 / / #RosettaWatch: Comet water is not like Earth's
The idea that comets brought water to the young Earth has taken a blow after the discovery that comet 67P's water is very different to that of our planet