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2015-07-01 / / Rosetta spots sinkholes and patches of ice on comet's surface
In close-ups of the comet's skin, ESA's Rosetta probe has spotted ice patches and steaming pits that hint at turmoil within
2015-06-22 / / Don't fear apocalyptic asteroids: you're safer than you think
A star-studded group of campaigners are promoting Asteroid Day to raise awareness of the threat of incoming rocks. Are we really facing imminent disaster?
2015-06-17 / / Dual asteroid strike hints at chaos in the inner solar system
A pair of unrelated asteroids. That's not supposed to happen. What on earth skewed their orbits, and plunged us into ice age?
2015-06-17 / / Our dream scenario for Philae – and mission finale for Rosetta
Cinzia Fantinati of the German Aerospace Centre explains how Philae will do science, and how the Rosetta mothership will end its mission
2015-06-15 / / Philae awakes: What next for probe after 7 month nap on comet?
On Saturday night the German Aerospace Center in Cologne received 85 seconds of incredibly good news: a data chirp from the missing European Space Agency lander Philae
2015-06-11 / / #RosettaWatch: Search party may have found missing lander Philae
After a painstaking search, Rosetta mission managers have ruled out four of five possible landing sites – but that doesn't mean Philae is really there