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2015-07-01 / / Rosetta spots sinkholes and patches of ice on comet's surface
In close-ups of the comet's skin, ESA's Rosetta probe has spotted ice patches and steaming pits that hint at turmoil within
2015-06-22 / / Don't fear apocalyptic asteroids: you're safer than you think
A star-studded group of campaigners are promoting Asteroid Day to raise awareness of the threat of incoming rocks. Are we really facing imminent disaster?
2015-06-17 / / Dual asteroid strike hints at chaos in the inner solar system
A pair of unrelated asteroids. That's not supposed to happen. What on earth skewed their orbits, and plunged us into ice age?
2015-06-17 / / Our dream scenario for Philae – and mission finale for Rosetta
Cinzia Fantinati of the European Space Agency explains how they will get Philae to do science, and how the Rosetta mothership will end its mission
2015-06-15 / / Philae awakes: What next for probe after 7 month nap on comet?
On Saturday night the German Aerospace Center in Cologne received 85 seconds of incredibly good news: a data chirp from the missing European Space Agency lander Philae
2015-06-11 / / #RosettaWatch: Search party may have found missing lander Philae
After a painstaking search, Rosetta mission managers have ruled out four of five possible landing sites – but that doesn't mean Philae is really there